Lip Duo-One Lip Scrub, One Luxe Serum

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Treat your lips to a luxurious scrub and serum experience.  Dry, flaky lips??? Not anymore! This product is a best-seller and you can fight seasonal dryness in 2 easy steps: scrub, serum.




We have chosen to combine our Lip Scrub and Luxe Lips Serum to give you everything you need to properly care for your lips, keeping them soft and kissable.  Keep them near your toothbrush to remember to use them. Use the scrub 1-2 times per week or as needed and the Luxe Lips serum morning and night…right after you brush your teeth–this is how I remember!

Lip Scrub: There are four delicious flavors to choose from: Blueberries & Cream, Matcha Tea & Honey, Peach Bellini, and Strawberry Banana. Each has fine cane sugar as the exfoliant, combined with nourishing oils to soothe, and hydrate your lips.

Haven’t used a Lip Scrub before? No worries, you just take a tiny bit and apply it to your lips, rubbing gently with your fingertip for about one minute. Work back and forth over your upper and lower lip. Then simply rinse the sugar away with warm water, and blot dry. There will be a nice thin layer of balm left behind. In especially dry climates, we recommend following up with the Luxe Lips serum.

Scrub ingredients: sunflower oil, avocado oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cetyl alcohol, beeswax, cera bellina, stearic acid, vitamin E, fine cane sugar, honey powder, and flavoring. (note: blueberries & cream has powdered blueberries and matcha tea & honey has matcha green tea powder)

Luxe Lips Serum

Luxe Lips Serum: This uber creamy balm will glide over your lips softer than butter! This serum is truly extraordinary and can be used on other parts of your body that need TLC–elbows, cuticles, heels, and it even works fabulously as a beard balm!!! Due to the super versatility, we opted to forgo adding “flavors.”

Luxe ingredients: sunflower oil, camellia seed oil or apricot kernel oil, Argan oil, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, unrefined cocoa butter, Cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, cera bellina, beeswax and vitamin E.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Lip Scrub Flavors

Coconut Latte, Lavender Lemonade, Blueberries & Cream, Peach Bellini, Strawberry Banana

2 reviews for Lip Duo-One Lip Scrub, One Luxe Serum

  1. Judy McDonald (verified owner)

    This is the product I started with and I I love it! The scrub leaves your lips velvety smooth (not to mention it smells and tastes great) and “Luxe Lips” keeps your lips feeling wonderfully moist. Don’t be fooled by the small containers…these products last a long time and take up very little space.

    • Amy

      Thank you so very much Judy!!!! Your package is in the mail today. Have a fabulous week.

  2. Sarah

    Luxe Lips scrubs are amazing! Yummy scents and lips feel amazing after using. Love it!

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